Sunday, 24 October 2010

October 24th, 2010

I have been busy making cards for the past month. While the builders were installing the new windows and in between making gallons of tea, I planned ahead and had printed off loads of sheets from the CUP website. I would sit and cut out the toppers and put them together between the cups of tea to be made, keeping well out of the way of the men that were busy putting the windows in.
Well we now have nice new windows and a lovely new front door and a lovely new boiler too. And I have loads of new cards made up which has been an added bonus of the DIY getting done.
Here are some of the ones I made up during last week, some of which are now with my friend Marc to sell for his girls. He is planning on something special for them at Christmas and I wanted to help him out. He has a little charity thing going on at the hospital that he visits for his treatments for Cancer and these poor girls and kids have it too. So what little we can do will brighten their lives just a bit when they need it. I hope he does really well on his craft sale.

The art deco ladies have all been sent to Marc. This lady in gold is the first one I made and I knew Marc would love it so I sent it off to him and he is putting it in a box for bids to be taken on it and has already made at least £5 for it. I also got recognition on the CUP website for it too. It received the designer's card of the Moment.  I love getting the card of the moment. It really makes me feel I have done the best I could on the card and the designers like what I have done with their sheets.

There is such a wide variety of sheets available on the CUP website to make cards for all occasions. I have been a bit busy making up my Christmas cards while I can. But also trying to get some other cards made up for Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I want to also get some made up ahead that I might be able to sell to raise some money for the hedgehogs too. But it is a very slow process for me as I enjoy the process of making the cards so much that I only seem to get about 5 done in a day.

Besides the card sheets they also have different kits available and I got the Paper kit to go along with these cute little owls. Everything coordinates really well.

This is one of the designs by one of my fav designers and it is so easy and simple. I am proud of it, as it is my very first Shaker card that actually works! I put some glitter between the acetate layer and the card and it is really quite pretty with the glistening snow effect. It is so easy to make stunning cards with the sheets these designers produce and you can make them too if you visit the link I have on my side bar. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Monday, 4 October 2010

October 4th, 2010

 Hi all, I have been very busy making cards here. I hope to get my Christmas cards all made soon and do loads of them for charity too. I am still doing lots of quick cards that I download the sheets from CUP and I have had a special week last week. Not only did one of my cards make Card of the moment, but I had three cards make it. :) It is such a buzz to see my cards there with the others. The designers choose which cards made from their sheets get this honor. And to have three designers choose my cards.... well lets just say poor Brian had to put up with my excitement and he just didn't quite understand. Poor man.

This card is called a wobble card. :) And is number CUP135632_613 if you would like to make it also. The penguins and polar bear are so cute. I punched out some snowflakes with one of my punches and added them to the card along with some sparkly peeloff centres. I added a bit of glitter to the hats and the scarf. It is a really cute quick card to make.

This one is CUP135621_452 and is a gorgeous design. I love wintry village scenes and lace. I had some snowflakes and snowflake flourishes that I had cut out last Christmas and glittered and thought they would be perfect for this card. I turned it into an easel card with lots of glitter. The base is a pearlescent linen type of card that sparkles and then the silver mirror board and peeloffs add to the sparkle.

This one is CUP135641_489 and is one of those spring cards. I made one ages ago on my own, but this one was so much quicker and actually works much better. It is so quick and easy to make and looks really lovely. I added some gold waste peeloffs to the centre of the flowers.... they were little dots left from using the other part of the peeloff... so don't throw those bits out. And then I added on a gold greeting to one corner of the base and a Poinsettia diecut that I coloured and added a bit of glitter.
The above three cards are the ones that were chosen to be card of the moment for their respective designers.

These cards were made using this sheet... CUP135613_539. It is what I call a bargain!!! You get 4 different images on the one sheet and so you can make 4 different cards. I was in a bit of a hurry and made 3 cards onto just a a6 size card. But one of them I turned into an over the edge card. The image actually sticks above the fold of the card. I am learning all sorts of new card designs on the CUP website.

This cute card is number 135642_5. He was really quick!! You just cut out the base, cut out a penguin and decoupage him on the base. Cut out the snowballs and do the same. Ad a bit of glitter a few layers some silver peeloffs and some snowflake background paper and there you have a cute penguin juggling snowballs.

I hope you all are enjoying the cards as much as I am enjoying making them..... Well I must get off now and get some more cards made. I want to get some sent to my friend for his charity. Big hugs all until next time. xxx

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

September 28th, 2010

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!
I have been busy making cards while waiting for the new windows to be put in. Soon those will be done and I will be back looking after hedgehogs. But hopefully I will still have time to make more cards. I love the designs over at CUP and I have become a registered Card maker there. You can see some of the cards I have made by visiting.... My page here

They are fun and the designs are lovely and very good quality when you print them out. The fun bit is trying to come up with something a bit different with them and this card.....

I turned it into an easel card and it was chosen by the designer to be her card of the moment last week. :) I was so excited to be new to the site and picked to have this award when there are so many lovely cards being posted daily there.
I hope you all will have a look at what I have been up to. I just did put up a side stepper card that looks really cute. So many lovely designs on the site and some fun contests too!!!!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

CUP - Crafts U Print

Hi all, Since we are taking a break from the hedgehogs for a month so we can get some diy done around the place. I have been spending some time making some cards. I came across this site that a friend recommended to me from my Ebay Group. It is called CUP or Crafts U Print. You can click on the logo to visit their site.... :)

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!

And it is just so full of lovely ideas for all sorts of cards. You buy the sheets and then print off as many copies as you want. I print mine out on glossy photo paper and they are brilliant. I have done a few cards so far and really love the designs....

cup127284_359 - Apple Blossom Scallop Corner side stacker Topper - The sheet for this card was designed by Carol Clarke. I found it a lovely design to work with and it has so many different card possibilities. I made this one though for my dear friend Gill who recently lost her husband. And added a sentiment to the insert. It was quite a shock to us all and to her and her family. And my deepest of sympathy goes out to them.
I think though the design can be used not only for a sympathy card, but also for birthdays, a wedding, thinking of you, get well or any number of occasions.

cup127205_10 - Snow Village Snow One Edge Scallop Bottom Stacker - The sheet for this card was designed by Ann-marie Vaux. I love this card!! I wasn't sure when I printed it off if I would like this type of card, but after working with it I love it!!!!!! I wish you could see it in person as it really is a stunning card. And I can't believe I made it. It looks so lovely and professional that I just can't believe I did it. LOL The mirror board layer helps to set it off and I love the touch of glitter on the snowflake decoration. I may next time add a bit of glitter to the snow in places. :) This sheet will be printed out alot this year and lots of these cards will be going out to family and friends. :)

cup127258_10 - Cute Reindeer One Edge Scallop Bottom Stacker - The sheet for this card was also designed by Ann-marie Vaux. And again I was quite surprised at the quality of the design. It is a fun modern type of card for Christmas and quite a few of these will be sent out also. :)

cup127297_758 - merry christmouse over the edge card - The sheet for this cute little card was designed by Wendy Jones. It is called an over the edge card. And it is quite cute and fun to make. Along with being quick. You cut out the design that stands above the card.... ie over the edge. :) I added a bit of glitter to the mouse's hat. And there are loads of decorations you could add to the card. And there is the tag too.... so you could always use the tag to go on a present.

cup120794_99 - Anniversary Roses Easel Card - The sheet for this card was designed by Mary Jane Harris. I like to have a few anniversary cards around to send to folks and this one was a novel new type of card to me. I did alter the card from what the designer intended and came up with this card. I resized the topper bit a little to give it a bit more contrast. It is known as an easel card. And it sits on its base and folds up in the middle with a topper on this and then a stop on the base so that it sits up. A cute little design. :)

Well any way this is just the start of a few of the cards I have made from this lovely website. I do hope you all will visit. And if you visit via my link then I earn money..... You can too if you visit and sign up to be a registered card maker or an affiliate or a designer. There are also some games on there.... Like Crafty Bob Bingo and Hunt for Crafty Bob. I am still looking for him. And was just two numbers away on the bingo the other day. Anyway, if you want a bit of fun and have a few days to while away looking at cards then it is well worth a visit. :) Have fun!!!

Monday, 17 May 2010


This is one of the lovely Hedgehog images from DigiStamp Boutique . I love this cute little hedgehog!!!! :) They are running a contest where you can win up to 5 images and all you have to do is make a card using one of their digi images and then posting a link..... You can read all about it here on their Blog under May Competition. :)

I really enjoy working with their images and especially with my new pro markers. :) I also did this card for a challenge in my Ebay group, this time it was for a recipe.... Using two different papers, two to three buttons and some ribbon. :) And I am now ahead of the game in that I have my dad's Father's Day card done now. :)


This card I made for a card swap in my Ebay group. I hope the lady who receives it enjoys it as much as I did making it.
First off I used Publisher to make my tri fold card and to make templates for cutting out the backing paper and also the insert to go behind the section with the girl on it.
I used a colour for the backing paper that I am not that comfortable using..... Orange. So it was a challenge for me trying to make a card with it. I did the back ground panels and put gold peeloffs around each panel. Then I coloured in one of the cute little Japanese digi stamps - Sachi -which I bought from DigiStamp Boutique . I used my pro markers to colour her in. Then I cut her out and put foam pads to raise her slightly. Next I made the little lanterns. I found the idea in one of the craft magazines and it is easy peasy to make.... Use pinking shears to cut strips.... Making sure they line up. Then using a fine line permanent pen mark the curved lines. Stamp flower image or draw one on, use ink on edges and or chalks. Then take a bit of copper wire and make a hanger... I used Prit gel to stick it onto the card.

I had punched out several flowers and chalked and shaped them with my embossing mat and embossing tools. Then glued together with a chalked center and peel off. Then punched some leaves from a Chinese newspaper and coloured them in using my cocoa pro marker.
Next I die cut some butterflies using the backing paper as the base of the butterfly and then the top butterfly I cut from Chinese newspaper again. Then using my pro markers I coloured it in.... shading the wings with Mandarin and Amber and Cocoa again for the wings.

I also made a lollipop flower using the newspaper again and some black card. Put together with a gold brad.

I really enjoyed making this card and love the fact that I can co-ordinate the pieces to the backing paper that I use. :)

DigiStamp Boutique have just come out with three new digi-stamps a little hedgehog called Spike!!!! I have them printed.... now to get busy playing. :)

Here are two more cards that I made for the group..... this is for the weekly challenge this past week...... following a sketch that I drew up for them.

This is my card using the sketch and using some new diecuts that I have bought. Of course it is of a hedgehog. :)

And this one I used a chipboard image that my friend Louise sent to me. She has her own ebay shop and has lovely diecuts. :)

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Great Blog Candy

The lovely folks over at DigiStamp Boutique are giving away some great Blog Candy. So hop on over to their blog and check it out.
I just love their images so while you are there check out their shop and their digi stamps. Sooooooooo cute!!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Winter crafts.

When it is cold and snowy outside and the house feels a bit chilled I like to do some crocheting. I think just working with the yarn makes me feel warmer. I had started this afghan ages ago and finally finished it this past week here. I picked it up again to work on when we had all that snow. It was warm sitting under it snuggled on the couch with Jingles cuddled up under it while I was putting the rows together. It is nice and warm besides being pretty to look at. :)

I have already started my next crochet project. :) Trying this hexagon pattern. You put it together as you go.... So it should be quite a colourful afghan. :) Great for using up little bits of yarn leftover from other projects. I found the pattern on the website.... Raverly and from there to this blog post From Attic24 with the pattern. She has some really good clear instructions for crocheting the Hexagons. :)

Also I have been busy working on some Valentine cards for a card contest in my Ebay group. Here are a few extra cards I sent down to my friend in Cornwall to sell for her animal santuary.

I used some digital image stamps for these cards the bears are from DigiStamp Botique.

I forgot where I got the dog image from but once I run across it again I will post the web link here. :)