Monday, 4 October 2010

October 4th, 2010

 Hi all, I have been very busy making cards here. I hope to get my Christmas cards all made soon and do loads of them for charity too. I am still doing lots of quick cards that I download the sheets from CUP and I have had a special week last week. Not only did one of my cards make Card of the moment, but I had three cards make it. :) It is such a buzz to see my cards there with the others. The designers choose which cards made from their sheets get this honor. And to have three designers choose my cards.... well lets just say poor Brian had to put up with my excitement and he just didn't quite understand. Poor man.

This card is called a wobble card. :) And is number CUP135632_613 if you would like to make it also. The penguins and polar bear are so cute. I punched out some snowflakes with one of my punches and added them to the card along with some sparkly peeloff centres. I added a bit of glitter to the hats and the scarf. It is a really cute quick card to make.

This one is CUP135621_452 and is a gorgeous design. I love wintry village scenes and lace. I had some snowflakes and snowflake flourishes that I had cut out last Christmas and glittered and thought they would be perfect for this card. I turned it into an easel card with lots of glitter. The base is a pearlescent linen type of card that sparkles and then the silver mirror board and peeloffs add to the sparkle.

This one is CUP135641_489 and is one of those spring cards. I made one ages ago on my own, but this one was so much quicker and actually works much better. It is so quick and easy to make and looks really lovely. I added some gold waste peeloffs to the centre of the flowers.... they were little dots left from using the other part of the peeloff... so don't throw those bits out. And then I added on a gold greeting to one corner of the base and a Poinsettia diecut that I coloured and added a bit of glitter.
The above three cards are the ones that were chosen to be card of the moment for their respective designers.

These cards were made using this sheet... CUP135613_539. It is what I call a bargain!!! You get 4 different images on the one sheet and so you can make 4 different cards. I was in a bit of a hurry and made 3 cards onto just a a6 size card. But one of them I turned into an over the edge card. The image actually sticks above the fold of the card. I am learning all sorts of new card designs on the CUP website.

This cute card is number 135642_5. He was really quick!! You just cut out the base, cut out a penguin and decoupage him on the base. Cut out the snowballs and do the same. Ad a bit of glitter a few layers some silver peeloffs and some snowflake background paper and there you have a cute penguin juggling snowballs.

I hope you all are enjoying the cards as much as I am enjoying making them..... Well I must get off now and get some more cards made. I want to get some sent to my friend for his charity. Big hugs all until next time. xxx

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