Tuesday, 14 September 2010

CUP - Crafts U Print

Hi all, Since we are taking a break from the hedgehogs for a month so we can get some diy done around the place. I have been spending some time making some cards. I came across this site that a friend recommended to me from my Ebay Group. It is called CUP or Crafts U Print. You can click on the logo to visit their site.... :)

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!

And it is just so full of lovely ideas for all sorts of cards. You buy the sheets and then print off as many copies as you want. I print mine out on glossy photo paper and they are brilliant. I have done a few cards so far and really love the designs....

cup127284_359 - Apple Blossom Scallop Corner side stacker Topper - The sheet for this card was designed by Carol Clarke. I found it a lovely design to work with and it has so many different card possibilities. I made this one though for my dear friend Gill who recently lost her husband. And added a sentiment to the insert. It was quite a shock to us all and to her and her family. And my deepest of sympathy goes out to them.
I think though the design can be used not only for a sympathy card, but also for birthdays, a wedding, thinking of you, get well or any number of occasions.

cup127205_10 - Snow Village Snow One Edge Scallop Bottom Stacker - The sheet for this card was designed by Ann-marie Vaux. I love this card!! I wasn't sure when I printed it off if I would like this type of card, but after working with it I love it!!!!!! I wish you could see it in person as it really is a stunning card. And I can't believe I made it. It looks so lovely and professional that I just can't believe I did it. LOL The mirror board layer helps to set it off and I love the touch of glitter on the snowflake decoration. I may next time add a bit of glitter to the snow in places. :) This sheet will be printed out alot this year and lots of these cards will be going out to family and friends. :)

cup127258_10 - Cute Reindeer One Edge Scallop Bottom Stacker - The sheet for this card was also designed by Ann-marie Vaux. And again I was quite surprised at the quality of the design. It is a fun modern type of card for Christmas and quite a few of these will be sent out also. :)

cup127297_758 - merry christmouse over the edge card - The sheet for this cute little card was designed by Wendy Jones. It is called an over the edge card. And it is quite cute and fun to make. Along with being quick. You cut out the design that stands above the card.... ie over the edge. :) I added a bit of glitter to the mouse's hat. And there are loads of decorations you could add to the card. And there is the tag too.... so you could always use the tag to go on a present.

cup120794_99 - Anniversary Roses Easel Card - The sheet for this card was designed by Mary Jane Harris. I like to have a few anniversary cards around to send to folks and this one was a novel new type of card to me. I did alter the card from what the designer intended and came up with this card. I resized the topper bit a little to give it a bit more contrast. It is known as an easel card. And it sits on its base and folds up in the middle with a topper on this and then a stop on the base so that it sits up. A cute little design. :)

Well any way this is just the start of a few of the cards I have made from this lovely website. I do hope you all will visit. And if you visit via my link then I earn money..... You can too if you visit and sign up to be a registered card maker or an affiliate or a designer. There are also some games on there.... Like Crafty Bob Bingo and Hunt for Crafty Bob. I am still looking for him. And was just two numbers away on the bingo the other day. Anyway, if you want a bit of fun and have a few days to while away looking at cards then it is well worth a visit. :) Have fun!!!

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