Saturday, 16 April 2011

April 16th, 2011

I have gone Mad!!! For CUP that is.  I just love that website and visit it most every day at least once if not more. There is so much going on there with Bingo, Bob Treasure hunt, card making and the forum and contests. Speaking of which. I won a card challenge on there for the Charity Card Challenge.  The theme was spring.

I used one of Sharon Poore's designs for this card along with a new die that made the scalloped edges to the card. I think it turned out quite springy. :) 

They have another competition going on for Father's day and this is the card I have entered into the competition.

This too is another of Sharon's designs. I printed off a few extra bits and made a bit of a fish and bobber bunting.
I have made a new friend there at CUP now too...... Sharon. We have been bouncing ideas around for different types of cards and things. I asked her if she could do some seed packets in one of my favourite designs that she does. And she did. :) Ever since our friendship has been growing. I really enjoy making the cards from her designs and she is but one on the CUP site. If you get the chance you really should go and check their site out if you like doing decoupage cards. There are also other types of cards and crafts there now too.  CUP also allow you to make a little bit back on some of the sheets you buy. If you get a gold star sheet and are a registered card maker and post a photo up in the allowed time. You could get some compensation every time the sheet sells. The most I have made in a few months time is a few pounds here and there. It allows me to get a few free designs each month. :) Also you can join in on the Affiliate program and earn  per clicks. I too have join on this so if you would click on the links I would appreciate it. :) It is only 2p per click, but it all helps. And if you order from one of my links then I get a percentage from that order. So it is more than just your ordinary crafting site.

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!

And if you would like to see some of the lovely cards I have made from this site you can visit them here.