Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Winter crafts.

When it is cold and snowy outside and the house feels a bit chilled I like to do some crocheting. I think just working with the yarn makes me feel warmer. I had started this afghan ages ago and finally finished it this past week here. I picked it up again to work on when we had all that snow. It was warm sitting under it snuggled on the couch with Jingles cuddled up under it while I was putting the rows together. It is nice and warm besides being pretty to look at. :)

I have already started my next crochet project. :) Trying this hexagon pattern. You put it together as you go.... So it should be quite a colourful afghan. :) Great for using up little bits of yarn leftover from other projects. I found the pattern on the website.... Raverly and from there to this blog post From Attic24 with the pattern. She has some really good clear instructions for crocheting the Hexagons. :)

Also I have been busy working on some Valentine cards for a card contest in my Ebay group. Here are a few extra cards I sent down to my friend in Cornwall to sell for her animal santuary.

I used some digital image stamps for these cards the bears are from DigiStamp Botique.

I forgot where I got the dog image from but once I run across it again I will post the web link here. :)