Wednesday, 13 May 2009

May 13th 2009

What a busy time I am having lately. :) I am busy with the gardening and with new little Hedgehog visitors here. Besides all the normal stuff. I did find time to do a bit of crafting too. :)
My little grand daughter turned 2 on the 8th and here is the card I made her. I just love these teddies.

And I even had time to sew up an outfit for her. I just hope it fits. It is the first sewing project that I have done on my new sewing machine and I really enjoyed making it and using my new machine. :)

Brian and I finally met back up with Steve and Sarah who used to run the Two Brewer's pub we used to frequent. They now run the Odd Fellows Arms . :) Well they have a charity they sponsor and I offered to make them some cards to sell with all the money going to the charity. The Little Havens Children's Hospice . Below are some of the cards I have made for them. I also made a load for my friend in Cornwall for her animal sanctuary. :)