Tuesday, 1 December 2009

One Card Two Challenges

Okay I have never entered into one of these before, but there is always a first time for everything. And the first one I want to enter is this card into the Snowflake Challenge at Kaboodle Doodles. The two snowflakes are cut from plain white card using my Craft Robo and then glittered up with white glitter. The digital image is from Tales from PollyCraft. I find this cute little fellow lovely to colour in using my water colouring pencils. I layered and mounted onto a white 6x6 card using card and paper from my stash. And added a sentiment from my stash also.

And while I am on a roll I would also like to enter this card into the Sparkle Challenge over at
Digital Tuesday Challenge Sparkle Challenge. Both of the snowflakes are very sparkly and again this lovely digital image comes from the Tales from PollyCraft website. They have loads more lovely images too.
I hope you enjoyed my first challenge card. :)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Digi stamps

I am just now getting into using digi stamps. I don't know if you all have tried these yet or not. Basically you buy an image from an online shop and then use your own photo editing program to resize to the size you want or need and then print them off. I did these two cards for a contest in my ebay group and I won 2nd and 3rd places on them. :) They are such cute images.
You can see these and more at Digi Stamps . They also have a contest you can enter and also a monthly freebie so you can give it a try before you buy. I do find with my water colours I sometimes get the printer ink running slightly. But overall they are fun to work with and I like the lovely images they have on offer. Their collections and monthly offers are a great value too. :)

This is Milly and Snowball.

And this is Alex and Felicity.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Blog Candy available from Pink Piggy

Hi all, sorry for being a bit absent of late. But the hedgehogs have taken up a bit more time than I anticipated. :) Just now starting to get back to working on some cards for Christmas around here and doing a bit of Blog hopping as they say. I came across this lovely blog called....Pink Piggy. There are some lovely cards and jewlery there. Well worth a visit. Also she has up for grabs this blog candy....

Monday, 22 June 2009

June 22nd, 2009

Well this is a rather slow time for any sort of crafting and sewing here, as the gardening is taking over just a bit along with some preserving. :) I enjoy making jams, pickles and chutneys.But I need to make some fancy Jam jar covers and some labels to go with my jars. We did have a card competition on my ebay group. And I came in Second with my daisy doggy card.

I also made this card for the competion.

And then Jingles and I made another one very similar for his dad for Fathers day. :) His contribution was a nice stamped pawprint inside.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

May 13th 2009

What a busy time I am having lately. :) I am busy with the gardening and with new little Hedgehog visitors here. Besides all the normal stuff. I did find time to do a bit of crafting too. :)
My little grand daughter turned 2 on the 8th and here is the card I made her. I just love these teddies.

And I even had time to sew up an outfit for her. I just hope it fits. It is the first sewing project that I have done on my new sewing machine and I really enjoyed making it and using my new machine. :)

Brian and I finally met back up with Steve and Sarah who used to run the Two Brewer's pub we used to frequent. They now run the Odd Fellows Arms . :) Well they have a charity they sponsor and I offered to make them some cards to sell with all the money going to the charity. The Little Havens Children's Hospice . Below are some of the cards I have made for them. I also made a load for my friend in Cornwall for her animal sanctuary. :)

Monday, 13 April 2009

My recent crafting...

Okay I had a birthday.... and so I came across this sewing machine in a magazine that I thought a bargain for all that it does. I had a free arm machine before moving here, but with the move and all I left it behind, besides the electrics aren't the same. So finally after 12 or so years, I finally got a new sewing machine. I did buy an older used machine when I first moved here and it is still a good machine and now my back up machine, but it doesn't have a free arm or any fancy stitches other than straight and zig zag. But it is still a machine worth hanging onto. But this post is about my new machine.....

It is a Toyota. I know they make good cars. And after using this machine they make great sewing machines too!!!! I bought mine from this website. http://www.home-sewing.com/
And it was delivered in a few days time. It not only has the lovely free arm but has a preprogrammed button hole settings. And and and!!!! it does the over locking stitch!!! I was really really excited about this. I had looked at over locking machines and admired them and dreamed that maybe one day I might get one. But really couldn't see why I coveted a machine that only did one type of stitch. So put off getting one. Now my new sewing machine does it and alot more!!! There is one down fall to this machine that I have found, but really if all said and done, to me it isn't really, is that it has no way of changing stitch size. The stitches are preset to a dial. You have a straight stitch but there are three straight stitches. Only three nothing in between. I can live with that. There is also a great mending stitch and I have used that for several projects that have been patiently waiting attention. I now have jeans that are in fashion again, with mended patches and our bed throws from the pouncing cats to ward off the bed mice have all been mended. The one that was beyond mending has now been made into everyday napkins. A great way to save on using kitchen towels. And also made into two laundry bags as our old cat scratched laundry hamper has now seen it's last days.
I have plans for this new machine!!! Little outfits for my grand daughter, and back to sewing quilts and making bags and all sorts of useful things for the home. So watch this space.

On the card making side of things I have been busy with a contest again on my ebay group. We made cards for the Marie Curie Charity. And had a little contest between ourselves with the cards going to Marie Curie. This card is one of the extra cards I made to send along.

And these two are cards I made for the competition.

I didn't win this time. The ones that did were superb!!!! All the cards were very clever and cute and I know will make good money for the charity. Now to get back to making some cards for me to send out again and for my friend who looks after all the critters down there in Cornwall. :)

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Valentines Day Cards

I got a few new stamps and I wanted to share the cards I have made recently. All the cards have gone down to my friend in Cornwall by the way to be sold for her critter rescue. I hope they sell well for her.

This first card is a stamp by designer Rachelle Anne Miller and is a Lily and Milo Clear Stamp of a lovely Hedgehog couple. If you check out my garden blog you can probably tell that at the moment I am totally enamored of hedgehogs lately. Our little friend is a big part of our life and I just think they are soooooo cute as I think this stamp is too. For more information about this stamp and lots of other cute stamps you can find it at http://www.stampavie.com/.

I think it makes a lovely valentine card and also plan to use it to make Anniversary cards too. Who knows I may even use it for a wedding card, if I knew of anyone getting married that is.

This one is a Housemouse stamp that I have had for ages. I recently bought some new water colouring pencils from WH Smiths for 1/2 off and wanted to try them out. They work beautifully.

Ohhhhhh another hedgehog..... This is a Penny black stamp. They have loads of hedgehog stamps and I am slowly getting a small collection of them. I enjoy using their clear stamps as I think they are such a great bargain. You get about 8 or so stamps for the price of what you would normally pay for one wood mounted rubber stamp. And there is a nice mix in the sets to cover alot of different occasions.

I used my Wizzard dies to cut out the scalloped and plain nested circles to layer my toppers.

This next stamp I thought was sooooooo cute and can not only be used for valentines day but for other occasions too, like birthdays and mothers day etc. I bought her along with a few other stamps that I will show at a later date from http://www.funkykits.co.uk/catalog/ . She is a Leanne Ellis design named Luvvie.

All the papers and cards I used are from my stash and I did purchase the valentine peel offs which are a gorgeous red edged with gold from the craft stall at our local market.