Friday, 19 December 2008

December 19th 2008

I am still suffering from this flu bug here so not feeling much like working on cards lately. I am really itching to get back to them too once I can summon up the eneregy as I have several new stamps that I want to try out. And some new sketches to try also, let alone a few challenges I would like to give a try. I guess one sometimes just can't hurry getting better.

I did summon enough energy yesterday though to make a friend a card. She is going in for surgery today on a cancerous lump. So my thoughts are going out to her and I am sending them along in this card.

Whizzy's Card
I hope she has a speedy recovery and they get it all. Big hugs Whizz.


The Urban Chic said...

Hi Pat, sorry to hear you are not feeling well again. Seems like we are competing to see who ends up baking this year, but that's another story-lol.
I like your new blog and I found a place to get some nice backgrounds, so things will be changing soon. Sorry I had to mail out store bought cards---oh my, that's not me, but it had to do. Will try and visit more often. Merry Christmas and I too like the new stamps you are using. Luv Ya, Pat

Pat said...

Thanks Pat. :) Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and enjoy the baking also. :)

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hope you're feeling 100% better and now having a fantastic Christmas Day. Just logged on quickly (it's illegal in our house today!) and saw your lovely message. Amanda x

Pat said...

Thanks Amanda. :) Still a bit of a chesty thing here but getting over it slowly. :)