Saturday, 13 December 2008

13th December 2008

A bit about me and my cards...

First off I have probably been making cards for over 20 years now. I first started out making my own recycled paper and card. Then I would decorate them with pressed dried flowers and leaves. I am now into rubber stamping in a big way and have an ever growing stamp collection like many who are addicted to card making.

I make my cards for my friends and family for their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. But I also make cards for various charities. This year I know I have made well over 100 cards for charity and hopefully next year the number will be even more. I always try to make some for the Marie Curie Cancercard drive and have been taking part for the last three years now in that. I also make cards for a friend down in Cornwall for a cat charity, that helps to rehome cats. Whose owners can either no longer take care of them or the owners have died and the cats have no where else to go.They are usually older cats that need a new home, but I think they have now joined up with another cat rescue and also rehome unwanted kittens too. They are the Rainbow Little Cat Rescue I am rather partial to cats and to dogs too for that matter and have in the past made some cards for another friend to take to a dog rescue centre.

Besides these very worthwhile causes another one I usually make cards around Christmas time for is for Mencap. Or rather a group that is associated with it called the Trailblazers of St. Helens. My friend's son has Cerebral Palsy, and what this group does is takes the kids out giving them something to look forward to and also giving the folks that care for them a bit of a break. I think my friend said they were planing on taking the kids to see a pantomine over the Christmas holidays. They go on camping trips and sometimes horseback riding and all sorts of fun activities. Another very worthwhile cause.

So if anyone has any cool and clever ideas I would love to hear from you or if you have any tips for making cards for charities I could always use the ideas.

Here are just a few of the cards I made recently for the Charities at Christmas.


Crafty Gardener said...

Beautiful cards Pat.

Pat said...

Thanks Linda. :)

POPPET said...

Hi hun just found your blog, was a bit confussed as to which pat you was, thank you for my lovely card too, was a really nice surprise, massive hugs Pops x x x x

Pat said...

Thanks Pops. :) I am the StampingPat. LOL I know it is confusing with so many Pat's about.