Sunday, 24 October 2010

October 24th, 2010

I have been busy making cards for the past month. While the builders were installing the new windows and in between making gallons of tea, I planned ahead and had printed off loads of sheets from the CUP website. I would sit and cut out the toppers and put them together between the cups of tea to be made, keeping well out of the way of the men that were busy putting the windows in.
Well we now have nice new windows and a lovely new front door and a lovely new boiler too. And I have loads of new cards made up which has been an added bonus of the DIY getting done.
Here are some of the ones I made up during last week, some of which are now with my friend Marc to sell for his girls. He is planning on something special for them at Christmas and I wanted to help him out. He has a little charity thing going on at the hospital that he visits for his treatments for Cancer and these poor girls and kids have it too. So what little we can do will brighten their lives just a bit when they need it. I hope he does really well on his craft sale.

The art deco ladies have all been sent to Marc. This lady in gold is the first one I made and I knew Marc would love it so I sent it off to him and he is putting it in a box for bids to be taken on it and has already made at least £5 for it. I also got recognition on the CUP website for it too. It received the designer's card of the Moment.  I love getting the card of the moment. It really makes me feel I have done the best I could on the card and the designers like what I have done with their sheets.

There is such a wide variety of sheets available on the CUP website to make cards for all occasions. I have been a bit busy making up my Christmas cards while I can. But also trying to get some other cards made up for Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I want to also get some made up ahead that I might be able to sell to raise some money for the hedgehogs too. But it is a very slow process for me as I enjoy the process of making the cards so much that I only seem to get about 5 done in a day.

Besides the card sheets they also have different kits available and I got the Paper kit to go along with these cute little owls. Everything coordinates really well.

This is one of the designs by one of my fav designers and it is so easy and simple. I am proud of it, as it is my very first Shaker card that actually works! I put some glitter between the acetate layer and the card and it is really quite pretty with the glistening snow effect. It is so easy to make stunning cards with the sheets these designers produce and you can make them too if you visit the link I have on my side bar. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

These cards are really lovely Pat x thanks for following my site I have returned the favour x leigh x

Pat said...

Thanks Leigh. :) Happy Crafting there. :) Nice to know there are others out there making cards for Charities. :) Well done. :)